The world of  hunting podcasts is on fire. It has changed the way many of us spend our down time when we are not out in the wild chasing critters. It’s amazing how many hunting podcasts have cropped up over the past couple years. And perhaps more amazing, is the talent behind some of these clever productions. The community, humor, entertainment and raw hunting information is out there, ready to be consumed. Best of all, it costs you nothing!

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I get an alert on my phone when one of my hunting podcasts has a new show, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face every time.  My wife has learned to quickly recognize that smile. I’ve been hunting western big game for 20+ years. I thought I knew a fair amount about hunting tactics and backcountry adventures. But, I have learned so many things from these hosts and podcasts. They have become a valuable resource in my hunting pursuits. I find myself listening to podcasts while shooting my bow, driving to and from hunting spots, before bed, while working and just about anytime I can carve out the time. I have drawn the line on listening to them while actually hunting.

Are you wanting to become a better hunter, more comfortable in the backcountry, and maybe just a little better person? You can find great information, advice nuggets and so much more in these podcasts.

Maybe you’re not listening to hunting podcasts. If that is the case, you are missing out. You have a treasure trove of information just waiting for you! The list below is by no means a comprehensive list. Before I start getting hate mail, I realize there are many other amazing podcasts.  These just happen to be my personal favorites. I mean, I only have so many hours in the day. Yes, I want to become a better backcountry hunter, but I actually want to leave some time to actually hunt.

10 Must Listen To Hunting Podcasts

Gritty Bowmen

The Gritty BowmenThis one is securely at the top of my list and is a must subscribe!  I started listening to Brian Call and Aron Snyder a few months before my family moved west to Montana. I quickly became hooked on their insight, great information and the antics of Aron.  If your forced to pick only one podcast, this one is it. The Gritty Bowmen is building a giant tribe around his passion and dedication to what hunting is really all about. My wife and I got a chance to meet and have dinner with Brain at the Back Country Hunters & Anglers Annual Extravaganza in Missoula. I was like a kid in a candy store!  I can’t say enough about Brian and his podcast. I absolutely love this one!  And, by looking at his ratings, I’m not the only one.

MeatEater Podcast 

MeatEater PodcastSteven Rinella is one of the most intellectual and down to earth communicators of his time. Along with Janis Putelis, the humor on this show is contagious. No matter what the topic, I rarely miss an episode of the MeatEater. Honestly, I can’t say that about every podcast on this list. This podcast covers a wide variety of topics and is all over the board with random discussions. I think that is what I love so much about it. Rinella’s personality was made for podcasting and I find myself laughing out loud during his show. This one should be on your list, and is a strong number two on mine.  Steven is sure to educate you on all things wild. There is another great thing about the MeatEater.  It’s now available on Netflix. I can’t stop watching it!

The Hunt Backcountry Podcast

Hunt Backcountry PodcastMark Huelsing and Steve Speck do a great job digging into serious backcountry hunting topics. This podcast is focused on western big game hunting, but they also get into a lot of gear discussions, which I like. I am not usually a fan of podcasts that are specifically driven or produced by a single brand or company, but this one is a rare gem and definitely makes the cut. Obviously, they are selling Exo Mountain backpacks, but they do not push them on you. Let’s be honest, do they have to?  They are amazing packs! Mark and Steve are great hosts and they dig deep where other podcasts leave things a little shallow.

Jay Scott Outdoors Western Big Game Hunting

Jay Scott Outdoors PodcastThis guy cranks out the podcasts and they are not just filler. Jay has a ton of hunting experience and is a wealth of information. He covers all kinds of hunting along with some fishing in his podcast. As a hunter/fly fisherman I love that. This show is a little more broad scoped than some of the other podcasts on this list. If you want to know more about hunting Arizona and the Southwestern part of the country, this is your podcast. Jay has a diverse hunting background and I think this is what makes him such a great host. This podcast has its share of endorsements and commercials, but overall it’s well worth the time. I have learned so much about elk calling, elk strategies and late season hunting on this podcast. This podcast has convinced me to try a late season January deer hunt in Arizona. He gets some outstanding guests on his show as well.  This one makes the top five for sure.

Full Draw Full Time

I can’t say enough about South Cox aFull Draw Full Time Podcastnd Kody Kellom. These guys are quality. They do a great job with their podcast and it’s a true pleasure to listen to it. This podcast has a lot of amazing story telling and South is one of the best story tellers out there.  I’m not a Tradgeek (yet), but I do follow South on Instagram with amazement at the bows he crafts. Kody is the co-founder of the Full Draw Film Festival. My entire family went to the festival in Missoula, Montana. It was my first time, and I will not be missing anymore down the road. The quality of the films and the atmosphere at the festival blew me away! This podcast along with Brian Barney, mentioned below, have helped to fuel my new Mule Deer addiction.

Eastmans’ Elevated

Eastmans Elevated PodcastBrian Barney is one of the new kids on the podcast scene, and this podcast has already made my top ten list. Yes, it is a little raw and unedited, but I like his honest and unbridled approach. No fancy sound bites, lead ins, commercials or trailers here, just down to earth serious talk about DIY public land big game hunting. Brian is humble, but truth be told, he is a killing machine. His dedication and incredible DIY knowledge is unmatched. I listen carefully to his podcasts. I’ve enjoyed all of them so far. I should note this podcast is a little more suited for the hard core hunters out there. If you’re looking to get serious about your pursuit of big game, especially mule deer, you will not be disappointed with Brian’s podcast. It’s not surprising that Eastmans’ jumped on board so quickly. This guy is crazy about mule deer hunting and I’m looking forward to hearing more from him.

Hunt Talk Radio, Randy Newberg Unfiltered

Randy Newberg Hunt Talk PodcastThere is so much to love about Randy. Not just the fact that we are about the same age. Randy is out there doing the hard work, and is relentlessly focused on protecting our public land hunting and access rights. He has a powerful reputation, and he gets some amazing guests on his show. If you cherish wild public spaces, you will love Randy’s podcast. He is another Montana boy, so I’m a little biased. He lives in Bozeman and does complain about getting fleas when he comes over to visit Missoula, which I will be discussing with him soon!  He does not crank out as many podcasts as some of the other guys, but when he does put them out, they are always good.  He has a great collection of videos on YouTube and does a wonderful job explaining tag drawing tactics in the western states.

Shoot’n The Bull Podcast

shootthebullTy Stubblefield and Josh Keller are also new on the podcast scene and are stand up guys. I’m already looking forward to each podcast they put out. Get yourself ready! This podcast is like no other. They run wild, feral and completely off-the-cuff from beginning to end. These guys live life to the fullest and I love what they are doing. You call tell this podcast is completely unrehearsed. Ty was one of the first people I met when I got to Missoula. He works for Back Country Hunters & Anglers (BHA). If you are a hunter, you need to belong to the BHA.  Seriously! If you spend anytime on public land. You should belong to BHA. Shoot’n The Bull was both a cleaver and factual name for this podcast. You will learn a few things in this podcast and you are sure to gut laugh.

Natural Born Hunter Podcast

naturalbornhunterThis podcast gets real, real quick and sometimes is a little explicit. There is nothing over the top, but these guys are crazy about archery and fitness. If you like either of these in the extreme, this is a great podcast for you to checkout. They focus a lot of episodes on fitness, competitions and hunting. Who among us could not use some improvement in our hunting fitness? After you listen to one of their podcasts, you will feel like you need to drop down and do some pushups. If you’re interested in anything related to the Train To Hunt Series, you have found your home here. They do love MTN OPS. Sometimes I think they might have sniffed a bit to much YETI, but I do enjoy this podcast immensely!

The Outdoors International Podcast

This is another very good podcast, even though it’s one that is directly produced by a specific company. Marc Warnke is a great host. I love how incredibly family oriented he is. He is one of the Co-Owners of, and the team does an excellent job with this podcast. I particularly like the episodes where he talks about packing in and hunting with his goats. Marc is crazy about his goats and his passion is obvious. Russ Meyer is a frequent guest on this show, and is amazing . Russ is incredibly humble about his success, but this guys gets it done when it comes to killing. He run old school and is full of information and experience. You can learn a lot from Russ and Marc on this podcast.

I know there are plenty of other great podcasts out there. I would love to have any feedback or comments on the shows you love.