What are some of the advantages of using pack llamas?

  • Gentle and very easy to handle on the trail
  • Very intelligent and flexible
  • Sure-footed and able to negotiate complex obstacles
  • Excellent around children and those with little to no pack animal experience
  • Convenient and easy to transport
  • Low maintenance in the field
  • No need for weed free hay
  • Llamas travel at a nice pace for hiking
  • Llamas have pads, much like a dogs. They are easier on the trails and fragile areas
  • Their grazing style helps with over-grazing backcountry meadows

Some of the ideal uses for llamas:

  • Backpackers, families and groups that need help carrying in food and gear
  • Packing in better and fresher food into the backcountry
  • Backcountry fly fishing trips and expeditions
  • Seasoned backpackers looking to relieve stress on their knees and back
  • Adventure seekers looking to extend their range
  • Unique trips where you need to pack in water
  • Climbing trips, where you want the llamas to carry your climbing gear?
  • Family trips with children that are unable to pack heavy loads
  • Exploring remote lakes or rivers
  • Packing in supplies to work camps, trail maintenance crews or lookout stations
  • Setting up hunting drop camps in the summer
  • Summer big game scouting trips
  • Site seeing and photography tours
  • Maybe your thinking about buying some llamas and want to try them out first

What kind of gear is needed to pack with llamas?
Each llama needs a saddle, blanket, halter, two panniers, lead rope and a stake out lead. Also, you will need a brush for brushing them out, a scale for measuring the panniers (panniers are the bags that go on each side of the llama that hold the gear).

How much do they eat?
Our biggest llamas typically eat 6-7 pounds per day. When in the mountains we try to camp in locations that have ample green forage for them. We typically only pack in feed for the llamas during fall and winter conditions. However we do pack feed for them during the summer when high quality feed is sparse.

How often do they drink?
Most animals in the animal kingdom need water every day. Llamas are no different. They may choose not to drink on occasion and will not drink as much as a horse; nonetheless; llamas need fresh clean water daily. You can lead a llama to water but can’t force it to drink.

How much do they weigh?
Our best packers weigh from 330 to 420 pounds.

How much can they carry?
Our trained and proven packers are typically 3 years and older and are expected to carry 20%-22% of their conditioned (in shape) body weight. As a rule of thumb our packers carry 50-80 pounds each.

Want to see llamas in action? Check out the Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas YouTube Page and follow the Llama Life Series.