Treeline Pursuits is now offering Llama rental services out of Missoula, Montana. This is exciting news for those western Montana adventure seekers. Renting llamas will give you the opportunity to explore the backcountry like never before!

Why Consider Renting Llamas?

  • No pack animal experience is needed to handle llamas in the backcountry.
  • Llamas can get you back into remote wilderness locations that are difficult with backpacks alone.
  • Pack in better food, gear and camp accommodations.
  • Let the llamas do the carrying, so you can focus on the journey.
  • Llamas are incredibly low maintenance and incredibly easy to handle on the trail.
  • Working llamas have been packing weight from one destination to another for humans for over 4,000 years.
  • Lets you hunt places you otherwise could not do with backpacks alone.
  • Less stress and meat spoiling issues when packing out animals.
  • Need more convincing? Check out our FAQ section!

Don’t let young children, your age, trail distance, or difficult terrain keep you and your family from exploring the backcountry.

Llamas are are incredibly smart and easy to handle. They are the perfect low-impact, pack animal. They have soft padded, two-toed feet and their natural agility make them sure footed and easy on the terrain. They have no more impact on the trail than a fully loaded backpacker. Llamas will eat a variety of vegetation enjoying a sampling of leaves, grasses and plants. Their efficient digestive system yields droppings that look similar to elk scat. 

Llamas are calm, gentle by nature, and great with kids. They make great hiking companions as they walk at a comfortable pace. They are alert, and very curious. They have a keen senses of smell, hearing, and sight and often alert us to the presence of other animals.

Our rental Llamas are quality bred and trained Pack Llamas also known as the Working Llama. The Classic Llama or CCARA Llama are experts at carrying heavy pay loads in rugged terrain. Our llamas are bred, trained, and conditioned to pack. Llamas are wonderful trail companions with lots of exposure to new people, elements and scenarios. Now you can rent llamas for a fraction of the cost to buy llamas or rent horses. Perhaps the best news about Llamas is they are extremely low maintenance and easy to handle on the trail. On our family backcountry trips, our 5 and 8 year old children lead and handle their own Llamas.

Llama rentals include: Saddle, blanket, panniers, scale, halter & lead rope, stake, stakeout lead, llama mineral & feed pellets, 4 gallon square buckets or coolers and orange neck band for llamas. We have a horse trailer available for rent if needed.

The Rental Process Is Simple!

Step 1 – Use Our Online Form to request a reservation. PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, we can not rent single llamas, they are herd animals and they work best in pairs or groups.

Step 2 – We can answer any questions you have regarding llama rentals. We can help you decided how many llamas you need, what to expect and help work out the logistics of renting llamas. We will then send you a proposed invoice, information packet and the mandatory waiver forms via email once you have committed to certain dates.We can even help you plan your destinatio!

Step 3 – You MUST take a Llama 101 Clinic the first time you rent llamas from us. We will schedule a date and time with you. We will teach you how to pack with llamas in the clinic. Our clinics typically last 3-4 hours, so please plan accordingly. We can do the clinic months, days or weeks in advance or simply the day of or day before you departure date. You only have to take the clinic once, the first time you rent llamas from us!

Step 4 – You are on your way. Have fun!

Adventure Package

$80day/per llama
  • 1 - 4 Day Llama Rental

Explorer Package

$75day/per llama
  • 5 - 15 Day Llama Rental

Expedition Package

$65day/per llama
  • 16 - 30 Day Llama Rental

Additional Options

Trailer Rental

  • Tandem axil four llama trailer.

Llama Handling Clinic

$65/ per session
  • Multiple people in your group attend the same clinic for no additional charge. You only need to take the clinic once!
  • The rental trailer is 12′ long, weighs 3,500 pounds and has a tandem axle. The trailer has trailer brakes and is set up to take a 7 pin round connection. The trailers do have brakes. Please make sure your truck is set up with a break controller, no blown fuses, and fits a 7 pin round trailer plug or bring your own adapter. We can provide a trailer hitch for you, as long as you have the 2′” square receiver hitch. The trailer takes a 2″ ball.

  • Reminders when renting llamas

    We commit to renting the llamas for the dates that our clients commit to take them. If a client returns the llamas early from a time slot due to weather, success while fishing or hunting, illness, insects or other factors beyond our control there will be no refund and no credit for early returns. Reservations can only be secured by a non-refundable 50% deposit. Final payment is due on the day you pickup the llamas.

    If you follow the cardinal rules of packing with llamas that you learned at the llama clinic you will have a great renting experience. Llamas are animals, not machines, if you can take that into account and realize that each llama has their own quirks and personality your llama adventure will be a success. Have fun, relax, take as many breaths of fresh air as possible and enjoy all that is around you. Don’t forget its not a race, its the backcountry.