Now Offering Llama Day Trips Out Of Missoula! |

Treeline Pursuits is now offering both half and full day llama hikes here in Missoula, Montana. Are you visiting Missoula or maybe you’re from Montana, and looking for a unique family or group adventure? A half or full day llama treks/hike might be just the ticket. Our llama day trips are perfect for families with kids.

The llama day trips are very affordable and perfect for any level of hiker. It’s simple!  You attend a fun orientation clinic, we rent you the llamas, and you head out on your adventure. This is all done at your own pace, on your own timeframe.

Our llama ranch is only 10 minutes from downtown Missoula. We are located next to the vast recreational area of Blue Mountain. Blue Mountain is 4,900-acre recreation area that includes 41 miles of trails. This is a popular hot spot for locals and visitors because of the proximity to the city of Missoula and the views of the Missoula valley, and the Sapphire and Rattlesnake mountains.

The Llama Day Trip Process Is Simple! |

Our llama day trip process is very simple! We train you how to handle the llamas during our fun interactive Llama Handling Clinic (approx. 1.5 – 2  hours) . The Clinic is required and is included in the cost of all the trips. The hands-on Clinic is an adventure all in itself. We will train you and/or your group members how to handle the llamas on the trail. Our llama ranch backs directly up to the Blue Mountain Recreation Area, so there is no need to transport llamas. One you complete the handling Clinic, your group simply heads out on the adventure. A Blue Mountain day trip alongside our amazing llamas is something everyone visiting Missoula should experience.

We take care of the route planning, equipment & gear, water and trail snacks. We can even provide a picnic lunch and or dinner all packed up and loaded onto the llamas. Our meals are all-inclusive and contain everything you need, including a picnic blanket and a folding serving table. We cater day trips to fit any group or family. You have 100% control of your time and agenda. You can go as long or as short as you like. This is truly an adventure that will not be soon forgotten.

About Our Amazing Llamas? |

Llamas are incredibly smart and easy to handle. They are the perfect low-impact, pack animal. They have soft padded, two-toed feet and their natural agility makes them sure-footed and easy on the terrain. They have no more impact on the trail than a backpacker. Llamas will eat a variety of vegetation enjoying a sampling of leaves, grasses, and plants. Their efficient digestive system yields droppings that look similar to elk or deer scat.

Llamas are calm, gentle by nature, and great with kids. They make great hiking companions as they walk at a comfortable pace. They are alert and very curious. They have a keen sense of smell, hearing, and sight and often alert us to the presence of other animals.

Our llamas are wonderful trail companions and have lots of exposure to new people, elements, and scenarios. Llamas are extremely low maintenance and easy to handle on the trail.

On our personal family trips, our 7 and 10 year old children lead and handle their own llamas.

The Llama Handling Clinic |

As mentioned above, the Llama Handling Clinic is an adventure all its own. Since our day trips are do-it-yourself trips, we spend a significant amount of time training you how to handle the llamas. Our trips have an emphasis on llama training and handling. We will teach you and your group all the ins and outs of llama packing and trekking. We cover a wide array of topics including llama history; behavior of llamas; basic llama handling, hiking with llamas, how to use the pack equipment and gear;  llama packing dos and don’ts; safety and first aid; and getting the perfect llama selfies. For those of you that don’t want to do the hike, the clinic option is always available, contact us for details.

Why Choose A Llama Day Trip? |

  • Can you think of a better way to spend some time outdoors with your family or group?
  • Llamas are very gentle and incredibly family and kid-friendly.
  • The llama popularity is at an all-time high. This is your chance to spend the day exploring with them.
  • Our boys can carry your lunch and/or dinner, along with any extra gear you need on your hike.
  • Llamas are incredibly low maintenance and incredibly easy to handle on the trail.
  • No pack animal experience needed.
  • Need more convincing? Send us a message Contact Us!

What Do We Provide On The Day Trips |

  • Well-trained and experienced pack llamas
  • Trekking poles for hiking if needed
  • Llama saddles, blankets, halters, panniers. stakeouts and lead ropes
  • Llama treats
  • Guest snacks and bottled water
  • Coolers that fit inside the Llama panniers/bags
  • Recommended Blue Mountain Hikes/Routes for any level.
  • The Essentials Gear Kit
    • First Aid Kit
    • Bear spray
    • Toilet kit with small trowel/shovel
    • Emergency flashlight and spare batteries
    • Contact Numbers (For any questions you have on your trip

Gear Guests Bring |

The following items are recommended for all guests on our day trips. Just because we are close by on Blue Mountain does not mean the weather conditions cannot change quickly.

    • Hiking boots or sturdy shoes with good quality socks. We do not recommend open toe sandals.
    • Sunhat or baseball cap.
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen
    • Warm hat and gloves—best is a lightweight beanie and light-to mid-weight fleece or wool gloves. It can cool off quickly in the high mountain environment.
    • A warm, lightweight, and packable jacket or a light coat
    • Nylon or quick-dry pants and shorts, or zip-offs.
    • A rain jacket is highly recommended
    • Water bottle(s)
    • Bug repellent
    • Camera / Phone
    • Your taking llamas, bring some extra gear, no problem!

Trip Date Options |

  • Available Seasonal Dates: – April 15 to August 30th

Operations And Booking a Trip |

Contact us using the form below and let’s get started with your trip.  We invite you to contact us directly with any questions you might have.


Day Trip Two Llamas

$200*Fee Includes $65 Clinic

Day Trip Three Llamas

$250*Fee Includes $65 Clinic

Day Trip Four Llamas

$300*Fee Includes $65 Clinic