Would you like to dramatically increase your odds of finding more elk?

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As elk hunters, we are on a continual search for knowledge to help elevate our elk hunting skill set, and even more importantly, tactics that will help us find more elk. Welcome to The Treeline Academy “E-Scouting MasterClass.”

This MasterClass is a complete and comprehensive E-Scouting solution. I designed this curriculum for both the beginner and the experienced public land, DIY elk hunters. This course is a first-of-it’s-kind, and is powered by more than 30 years of elk hunting experience.

I spent the first two decades of my elk-hunting career traveling from Missouri to the western states. Planning elk hunts from the Midwest was challenging and certainly still is. This is true regardless of if you are traveling great distances to hunt or if you call one of the western states your home.

This MasterClass is a complete and comprehensive E-Scouting solution, possibly the most definitive resource ever assembled on the subject. I designed this curriculum for both the beginner and the experienced public land, DIY elk hunters. This course is a first-of-it’s-kind and is powered by more than 30 years of elk hunting experience.

Over the past three decades I’ve honed and refined my elk finding system, and now it is time to finally share that system!

The strategies presented in this course WILL give you a real advantage when it comes to planning your hunts, developing a Strategic Hunt Plan, and WILL ultimately improve your odds of finding more elk!

Treeline Academy E-Scouting Elk MasterClass
Course Curriculum
Updated 1/2021

  1. Welcome To The Course
    • Course Description
    • Course Contents
  2. Course Creator Introduction
    • Elk Hunting Background
    • E-Scouting History
    • Annual Hunting Pursuits
    • Hunting Style
  3. Realities Of E-Scouting
    • Handling Information Overload
    • Statistical Realities & Facts
    • E-Scouting As An Odds Multiplier
    • Traits Of The Successful Elk Hunter
  4. Understanding Limitations & Expectations
    • Defining Elk Specific Limitations
    • Physical Limitations
    • Technology Limitations
    • Time Limitations
    • Mental Limitations
    • Gear Limitations
    • Hunting Style Limitations
    • Experience Limitations
  5. Setting Hunt Parameters
    • Setting Hunt Parameters & Boundaries
    • Hunt Scheduling And Time Management
    • Setting aside days before the hunt starts for boots on the ground scouting
    • Using Technology To Help Define Realistic Hunt Parameter Boarders
  6. Developing A Strategic Hunt Plan
    • Defining Hunt Plans & Hunt Areas
    • Why Use A Hunt Plan?
    • Hunt Plan Benefits
    • Hunt Plan Contents & Goals
    • Download Hunt Plan Template
  7. The Tools Of The Trade
    • Tools Of The Trade Overview
    • Setting Up A Next Level E-Scouting System
    • Mastering & Using Multiple Platforms Is Key For Elk
    • Utilizing Various Views And Zoom Levels
    • Detailed Comparison Of The Core Hunt Platforms
  8. Developing A Custom Markup System
    • How To Develop A Specific, Personal & Custom Markup System
      • Developing Your Own Personal Icon Legend
      • Route Types
      • Area Polygons
      • Waypoints / Points Of Interest
      • Priority Levels
    • Cluster Identification
    • Using Waypoint Notes
  9. Mastering Google Earth Pro (Web Platform)
    • Setting Up Google Earth Pro Preferences For Success
    • Using Google Earth Pro Keystrokes
    • Understanding, Implementing KLM Files
    • Installation Tactics & Datasets Available
    • Understanding, Implementing Shape Files
    • Installation Tactics & Datasets Available
    • Using Slope Analysis
    • Using Third Party Files
    • com
    • Others
    • Historical Imagery Is Vital For Elk E-Scouting
    • Using Microsoft Bing In Partnership With Google Earth Pro – (Add-On Coming Soon)
    • How To Use Pre-configured Google Earth Elk Specific KML & Shape Files – (Add-On Coming Soon)
    • How to download, install, use and modify the files
  10. Mastering Google Earth Pro iOS Mobile Platform – (Coming Soon)
    • Navigation 2D & 3D
    • Data Management
  11. Mastering The GaiaGPS Application
    • Detailed Usage Tutorial – Web and Mobile Platforms
    • Benefits & Negatives
  12. Mastering On X Hunt
    • Detailed Usage Tutorial – Web and Mobile Platforms
    • Benefits & Negatives
  13. Exporting, Importing & Hunt Data Management
    • Moving & Migrating Data Among The Hunt Platforms
    • Using Technology In The Backcountry
    • Downloading & Testing Offline Maps
    • Specific Limitations and Specifics
    • Backup Essentials & Systems
    • Backcountry Power Needs
    • My Personal Technology Setup
    • Pre-testing Cell Reception In the Backcountry – (Add-On Coming Soon)
  14. State, Method, Research & Application Strategy
    • Application Season
    • Studying The Regulations
    • Elk Specific Research Techniques
    • Review Research Platforms & Resources
    • Elk Distribution Maps
  15. The Basic Needs Of Elk
    • The Importance Of Learning Elk Behavior
    • Mule Deer vs Elk
    • Livestock Issues
    • Seasonal Food Sources
    • Identifying Those Food Sources Using Google Earth Pro – (Add-On Coming Soon)
  16. Identifying Core Hunt Areas
    • Getting The Big Picture
    • Using National Forest Maps
    • Map Preparations & Markups
    • Review Setting Up Hunt Parameters
    • Setting Up Polygon Hunt Area Zones
    • Multiple Hunt Areas Are Key For Planning Elk Hunts
    • Pressure Is Important
    • Multiple Elevation Options Are Key For Elk
    • Weather Can Change Hunt Areas & Zones
  17. Establishing The Zones Of Pressure
    • Identifying Access Points
      • Buffer Zones
    • Motor Vehicle Use Maps & Integration
      • Careful Study Is Required – Mistakes Here Can Be Costly
    • Outlining Pressure Zones
      • Elk Do Not Respond Well To Pressure
    • Setting & Using Trail Pressure Buffers
    • Identifying Terrain & Geography Limitations
    • Learn To Navigate The Unit
    • Hard To Access Areas Are Getting More And More Pressure
  18. Elk Finding Concepts – Overview & Introduction
  19. Elk Finding Concepts – Evaluating Access Points & Established Trail Use
    • Road Use Evaluation
    • Established Trail Evaluation
    • Access Spot Evaluation
    • Identifying Game Trails
  20. Elk Finding Concepts – Meadows & Feeding Zones
  21. Elk Finding Concepts – Canyons, Creeks & Drainages
  22. Elk Finding Concepts – Fire Zones, Logging Areas
  23. Elk Finding Concepts – Sparse Timber & Beetle Kill Zones
  24. Elk Finding Concepts – Benches and Slope Evaluation
  25. Elk Finding Concepts – Travel Corridors, Saddles, & Funnels
  26. Elk Finding Concepts – Water Sources, & Wallows
  27. Elk Finding Concepts – Finding & Identifying Glassing Spots
  28. Resources & Webinars
    • August 2020 – Webinar
    • Analyzing Cattle Allotments or Grazing Using Google Earth
    • Wyoming Elk Harvest Statistical Data Archive
  29. Late Season Elk Tactics – (Coming Soon In Development Now)
    • Analyzing snow pack and predictions
    • Using Realtime Aerial Photo Analysis
    • Elevation Analysis & Environment Comparisons State -To-State
    • Private Land Sanctuaries
  30. Utilizing Markup Data – (Coming Soon)
    • Prime Campsite Selection
    • Maximizing Actual Hunt Time
    • Established Basecamp Research
    • Travel Time Estimates Incorporated Into Your Hunt Plan
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