About Treeline Pursuits

Treeline Pursuits is based in Missoula, Montana. Our passion is western big game hunting, especially public land do-it-yourself adventures.

Mark Livesay is the founder of Treeline Pursuits and the creator of Treeline Academy.  In general, Mark is a “all in” type of person as seen through his triathlon career (10 Ironman finishes), the formation of his event production company Ultramax Sports, and most significantly in his life-long hunting pursuits. 

He spent his first two elk hunting decades traveling from Missouri to the western states. He would definitely qualify as a serial elk hunter, pursuing elk in multiple western states, and spending over 60 days in the remote backcountry each season.  His 30 years of elk hunting have given him a thorough understanding of the challenges associated with E-Scouting and finding elk.

Recently, he has been featured as a guest on a growing list of hunting’s best podcasts, including The Rich Outdoors, Eastmans Elevated, Hunt Harvest Health, The Gritty Podcast, Elk Shape, Backcountry Rookies, Publically Challenged, Shoot’n The Bull, and Interviews With The Hunting Masters. His E-Scouting podcasts on the Rich Outdoors were among the podcast’s most downloaded episodes in 2019. He has published several elk hunting strategy articles and has been invited to present E-Scouting tactics at the Western Hunting Summit the past two years.

Mark and his wife, Amy, moved to Montana in 2016 and have never looked back. They share their Missoula home with their two children, Eli and Emme, and a gaggle of pack llamas. The growing herd of Ccara pack llamas is now a vital part of his public land, do-it-yourself hunting arsenal.