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E-Scouting has evolved rapidly in recent years. The advancement and introduction of new online tools has quickly moved E-Scouting to the forefront. This is particularly true as it relates to hunt planning. It seems most of the questions I get these days are somehow related to E-Scouting concepts.

I’ve been chasing western big game for over 30 years. E-Scouting has been, and continues to be, a vital part of my western hunting strategy. It can be incredibly challenging to hike into an unknown area, pick out a random spot, and expect to have consistent big game encounters and hunting success. Each year, I spend countless hours using these very same E-Scouting techniques as I prepare for all of my hunts. In fact, sometimes think I spend more time E-Scouting, than I do on the hunt itself. Today, we have so many amazing technology tools at our disposal.

In this post, I breakdown and list all of the E-Scouting content that Treeline Pursuits has been involved with and contributed to. The resources listed below cover a wide spectrum of topics related to E-Scouting and how I  use the available tools and resources to evaluate and identify quality areas that will likely hold elk.

I hope you enjoy the resources. I love to get feedback and we have a lot more coming.

Treeline Academy | E-Scouting MasterClass

Welcome to The Treeline Academy “E-Scouting MasterClass.”  Like most of you, I eagerly anticipate and cherish the time I get to spend elk hunting each year. As elk hunters, we are on a continual search for knowledge to help elevate our elk hunting skill set, and even more importantly, tactics that will help us find more elk.

I spent the first two decades of my elk-hunting career traveling from Missouri to the western states. Planning elk hunts from the Midwest was challenging and certainly still is. This is true regardless of if you are traveling great distances to hunt or if you call one of the western states your home. This experience is the driving force behind the development of this  online course.

The strategies that I present in this course WILL give you a real advantage when it comes to planning your hunts, developing a Strategic Hunt Plan, and it WILL ultimately improve your odds of finding more elk.

Visit www.treelineacademy.net for more information about the course and to download my most recent article, “Stacking Elk Hunting Odds In Your Favor”.

Treeline Pursuits YouTube Channel

Video 1 – Mastering The Art Of Digital Scouting – Establishing Core Areas And Zones Of Pressure

In video, we begin the digital scouting journey.  This video focuses in on the basic and how to set up your digital scouting process for success. The techniques covered in this video are primarily focused on archery elk hunting, but the same principles can be applied to just about any big game hunting. I break down how I go about evaluating hunting pressure, access points and establishing core huniting areas. I feel, if you don’t have a good solid foundation to build upon, your process will not always produce consistent and expected results.    Watch Now!

Video 2 – Mastering The Art Of Digital Scouting –  Developing A Master Hunt Plan 

In this second video, I discuss in great detail the ins and outs of developing and using a Master Hunt Plan and Hunt Areas. I’ve been developing and using written Hunt Plans for many years. They have evolved over the years, and have become absolutely vital to my hunting season and I use them on all of my hunts. A good hunt plan will keep you extremely focused and productive while chasing elk in the backcountry. The final Hunt Plan is the culmination of all the Digital Scouting work.  It all comes down to having a solid Hunt Plan.  Watch Now!

Video – 3 – Mastering The Art Of Digital Scouting –  Finding Elk Concepts

How do I  find elk? This is the number one question I get these days. In this third video, we begin to break down the exact process I go through to find elk holding spots. I begin to discuss some of the concepts that I feel are vital to finding elk. We have a lot more coming in this arena!  Watch Now!

The Rich Outdoors Podcast

EP 240: How to E-Scout Like a Pro with Mark Livesay

Cody hosts one of the most popular and informative hunting podcasts. It has been an honor to get to know Cody, and to be a guest on The Rich Outdoors Podcast. In our first podcast, we spend nearly two solid hours squarely focused on digital scouting concepts. Between Cody and I, it’s hard to decide who is more intense about Digital Scouting. We both seem to be addicted to it. Personally, I think we dropped some serious content, stuff you just can’t find many places. You may want to get a pad and pin ready to take notes. Listen Now!

EP 370: Part II of Mastering E-Scouting with Mark Livesay (Finding Elk)

My second podcast with The Rich Outdoors was another two-hour digital scouting mecca. Cody and I only scratched the surface in Part I. There was still so much to cover. Due to time, we decided to make a muli-part series. This time around we tried to skipped past most of the formalities and get right down to the meat and potatoes, finding elk. I think you will really enjoy this one! We still have more to cover down the road. Listen Now!

Eastman’s Elevated Podcast

Episode 175 – E-Scouting Like A Pro with Mark Livesay

In this podcast, I got spend time with the legend himself, Brian Barney. This guy is the real deal and knows more about finding big critters than just about anyone I’ve ever met. We had a great conversation about using the various digital scouting techniques and tools. There is a lot of good elk scouting informaiton in this podcast. Brian throws in some good muley infomation as well. This is solid podcast and a must listen before season! Listen Now!

Elk Shape Podcast

Episode 84 – E-Scouting, Google Earth Pro, & KLM Files

The was another really informative podcast I did with Dan Staton on his Elk Shape Podcast. Dan and I met at the Western Hunting Summit this summer. This guy is the legit, incredibly intense, highly motivated and absolutely contagious. In this podcast, we focus in on advanced Google Earth Pro techniques and tools.  We specifically dive into how to incorporate KLM files and Google Earth Pro. There is a lot of Google Earth Pro information in this podcast. We talk more about using Hunt Plans and defining Hunt Areas.  This was a very good conversation. Listen Now!

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