Wild Llama Ranch
Using Pack Llamas Clinic and Training
Missoula, Montana
June 30, 2018


*The clinic is presented in partnership with Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas.

Clinic Location | 6090 Wilderness Trail, Missoula, MT

Date | Saturday, June 30, 2018

Time | The clinic begans at 10:00am on Saturday, with an optional overnight training fun trip.

Clinic Cost | The Llama Clinic is only $65 per person / overnight option with clinic just $85

*The clinic is limited so call 573-881-7171 or email [email protected] to reserve your spot(s).

*We are providing the extended Saturday overnight trip at no cost. The additional cost is to cover food and preparation expenses.

*Children can attend the Saturday clinic for free with paid adult. Children can go on the overnight trip for only $15.


Llama Clinic Description|
Beau Baty himself will be traveling from Idaho Falls to present this clinic in Missoula, Montana. This is a unique chance to learn packing and llama handling from the master himself. Beau and his wife Kirstin own Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas, and are one of the most accomplished llama packers, trainers and breeders in the U.S. It is a real pleasure to have Beau here in Missoula for this clinic. Beau will  be leading our overnight group for more in the field llama handling and training.

This expanded llama clinic is designed for anyone interested in learning more about pack llamas and how you might use them in your backcountry explorations. The clinic is a hands-on course that will take about 4 hours. We welcome groups, families and individuals at our llama clinics. Many people that have attended our llama clinics have later rented llamas for thier own trips.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must attend an approved llama clinic from Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas or Wild Llama Ranch before you are eligible for llama rentals. If you think you might be interested in renting llamas at any point, this is a great chance to attend the clinic right here in Missoula. Once you have taken the llama clinic you are ready to start renting llamas for your outdoor adventures. We only require that you take the clinic one time prior to your first rental opportunity.

During this clinic you can expect to learn a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to:

  • The history of the Ccara Pack Llama
  • Behavior of llamas
  • Training llamas
  • Using llama pack equipment
  • Handling llamas in the backcountry
  • How to plan your own extended llama trip
  • Safety and first aid
  • Catching and trailering llamas
  • Feeding and care

About The Ccara Llama|
The Ccara llama was bred by the Inca for thousands of years and is truly a remarkable beast of burden. The Ccara, classic or working llama were bred for their ability, athleticism and strength. The Inca expected their working Ccara llamas to carry 45 Kilograms (100 lbs) each day for many days in a row.

Expanded Clinic Schedule – Saturday, June 30th

  • 10:00am – Arrive at 6090 Wilderness Trl for a brief meet and greet with the staff and llamas. Coffee and light snacks will be provided
  • 10:30am – Beau will work through and cover the llama handling topics. Each clinic participant will be working directly with our llamas during the clinic.
  • 12:30pm – We will break for a light lunch. Lunch will be provided by The Wild Llama Ranch.
  • 1:00pm – Clinic participants will pack the llama saddles, panniers and the other gear we will need for the overnight trip. (See list of gear needed and provided below!)
  • 2:00pm – Clinic participants that are taking advantage of the free overnight llama trip will load up and make the short drive over to a trailhead at the Rattlesnake Wilderness Area in Missoula. We will hike about 3-4 miles into the Rattlesnake Wilderness Area. The group will work on more in the field llama handling tactics and each person will lead and manage their own llama.
  • Sunday, 8:00am – We will break camp and pack back to the trailhead and the clinic participants will be dismissed to enjoy the rest of their Sunday.

Overnight Trip Meals |
Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas and The Wild Llama Ranch will provide dinner and breakfast on the overnight trip. Since llamas do the carrying, we will bring fresh and quality foods. Please be sure to let us know of any dietary needs.

Gear We Provide |
Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas and The Wild Llama Ranch will provide all the group gear needed:

  • Food items & all cook gear needed (please let us know about any allergies or other food needs)
  • First Aid
  • Water filtration systems or packed in clean water
  • All related llama packing gear
  • Tents if needed, and advance notice given

Gear Guests Bring Overnight Trip |

  • Personal Sleeping Bag and pad
  • Small Tent (optional) (We have plenty of tents and can provide if needed)
  • Bear Spray (each adult must have canister) (we have a limited number of extra cans if needed)
  • Sturdy hiking boots or shoes and socks.
  • Small daypack
  • Snacks
  • Sunhat or baseball cap, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Warm hat and gloves.
  • A warm, lightweight and packable fleece jacket
  • Nylon or quick-dry pants or zip-offs.
  • Water bottle(s) or bladder system (such as a Nalgene®) 2 liter total capacity.
  • Contact lenses and glasses
  • Lip balm
  • Bug repellent—At least 25% DEET (unless sensitive to this product)
  • Toiletries
  • Headlamp and spare batteries (preferably an L.E.D. type that works with AA batteries).

Booking a Rental or Llama Trip |
Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas and The Wild Llama Ranch both offer llama rentals. To book a trip, please call 208-270-7749 . Alternatively, email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you promptly. Visit www.wildernessridgetrailllamas.com for more infomation.