Yellowstone Bechler Meadows 5-Day Llama Pack Trip Details

Llama trips in Yellowstone advertised on this site are conducted by Llama Adventures Unlimited LLC, DBA Access Wild, an authorized concessioner of the National Park Service.

  • Method: Llama Pack In Trip
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Excursion Duration: 5-Days
  • Reservation Type: Pre-bookings Only
  • Maximum Guests: 5
  • Total Llamas: 5-6
  • Trip Origin: Old Faithful Parking Lot, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Summary Trip Description |

This is certainly not your typical Yellowstone trip. This will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience. Referred to as the Cascade Corner of Yellowstone National Park, the Bechler Meadows adventure takes you through one of the most waterfall-rich areas in the world. Located in the SW quadrant of Yellowstone Park, the Bechler River drainage is home to a dazzling number of waterfalls and cascades including the legendary Twister Falls, Three River Junction, The Cascades, Treasure Island, Iris and Colonnade Falls. There are so many gorgeous waterfalls coming off the plateaus of the Upper Yellowstone country that it would take a lifetime to visit them all. We will cross the Bechler River many times, making this trip the ultimate outdoor adventure.

On this trip, you will definitely get wet as we cross many streams along our journey. The water can be cold and the current swift, even in August, which adds to the thrill of this ultimate backcountry experience. Our trusted string of experienced pack llamas will carry all your gear. The experienced guides will make each crossing safer and more comfortable. We’ll soak in the hot springs known as Mister Bubbles, a legendary soaking pool at a temperature of 110 degrees, minus the people. The Bechler River is not accessible by road, so only hardy hikers are found along its banks. This 37-mile point-to-point hike traces the bends, bows, and cascades of the Bechler River from its headwaters. The trails are good and not too difficult.

Along the lakes, rivers and streams, we may see beaver, muskrat, river otter, osprey, bald eagle, and waterfowl. In the meadows, we may find sandhill cranes, moose, and bears, and will certainly discover an array of wildflowers. Spending time in the beautiful region, one cannot help but respect the power of water in the Bechler River drainage. For anyone seeking some peaceful time in the mountains, in a landscape surprising for Yellowstone, this is a great option for a week-long (5-day) escape from civilization. This trip has everything you  would expect from an adventure in one of the wildest and most remote areas in North America.

Trip Highlights |

Visit a waterfall lover’s paradise, discover more breathtaking waterfalls than just about anywhere in the world; Visit the stunning Shoshone Geyser Basin – Yellowstone’s largest backcountry geyser; Soak in Mr. Bubbles Hot Spring – the most remote and nicest in the Park; Experience a remote region of Yellowstone unreachable by car; Escape the crowds and experience one of the wildest places in North America; Enjoy easy to moderate trails that follow rivers, lead to lakes, waterfalls, and traverse mile-long meadows; Discover habitats, valleys and views rare in the Yellowstone area. Indulge in succulent wild raspberries and delicious hearty meals.