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I grew up in Missouri pursuing hunting and fishing adventures my whole life. I chased Midwest whitetails for over 40 years, but I've always been drawn to western big game hunting. Traveling from the east, I’ve been on dozens of western big game hunts. Archery is my passion, but I will take advantage of just about any open season. My family and I moved to Missoula, Montana in the spring of 2016. We decided to take a step back from being entrepreneurs and simplify our family life. We own Ultramax Sports, an event production and apparel company. Work had taken me away from my hunting passions, and my wife was driven to get me back in the wild chasing critters. Moving west was a true blessing and I’m incredibly grateful to God for everything he has given us. I created Treeline Pursuits as an outlet to share information about faith, living the western life and pursuing big game in wild public spaces.

Get Your Hunting Vehicle Ready For The Season

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The discussion of properly outfitting your hunting vehicle is not as glamorous or fun as talking about rifles, bow setups or custom fletched arrows. Realistically, though, your vehicle can make or break your hunt. Most of us have a limited amount of time to spend in the wild chasing [...]