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I grew up in Missouri pursuing hunting and fishing adventures my whole life. I chased Midwest whitetails for over 40 years, but I've always been drawn to western big game hunting. Traveling from the east, I’ve been on dozens of western big game hunts. Archery is my passion, but I will take advantage of just about any open season. My family and I moved to Missoula, Montana in the spring of 2016. We decided to take a step back from being entrepreneurs and simplify our family life. We own Ultramax Sports, an event production and apparel company. Work had taken me away from my hunting passions, and my wife was driven to get me back in the wild chasing critters. Moving west was a true blessing and I’m incredibly grateful to God for everything he has given us. I created Treeline Pursuits as an outlet to share information about faith, living the western life and pursuing big game in wild public spaces.

Elk Hunting – Digital Scouting Process, Content and Resources

2019-09-24T18:20:16-07:00By |

Digital Scouting or E-Scouting has really evolved in recent years. The advancement and introduction of new online tools has quickly moved Digital Scouting to the forefront. This is especially true as it relates to hunt planning. It seems most of the questions I get these days are somehow related [...]

Mastering The Art Of Digital Scouting – Segment 3 – Finding Elk Concepts

2019-03-20T10:25:09-07:00By |

Welcome to the third video in the Mastering The Art Of Digital Scouting Series. In this video, we begin the Finding Elk Segment. We have so much information to present in our Finding Elk segment that it will be come a Series within the Series. In this first installment, [...]

Mastering The Art Of Digital Scouting – Segment 2 – Developing A Master Hunt Plan

2019-03-20T10:26:09-07:00By |

Welcome to the second video in the Mastering The Art Of Digital Scouting Series. In this segment, we talk in detail about the ins and outs of developing and using a Master Hunt Plan. I’ve been developing and using Hunt Plans for several years. They are vital to my [...]

Llama Life – Episode 59 – Dehydrating Your Own Backcountry Meals

2019-03-20T10:43:52-07:00By |

My wife Amy and I recently made the trek to Idaho Falls to make a guest appearance on the Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas " Llama Life Video Series". Beau and Kirstin have become very good friends of ours and we throughly enjoyed our visit to their llama ranch and [...]

Dehydrating Your Own Backcountry Meals – Equipment, Setup, Packaging & Tactics

2019-03-15T13:49:47-07:00By |

I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to spend many days in backcountry each year. One key ingredient to good living in the backcountry is  meal preparation. The past few years, I’ve been preparing and packaging my own dehydrated meals. Like many, I spent years eating the available mass produced [...]

Mastering The Art Of Digital Scouting – Segment 1 – Establishing Core Areas & Zones Of Pressure

2019-03-20T10:34:49-07:00By |

This video segment one of a multi-part video series called Mastering The Art Of Digital Scouting. The techniques that we will cover during this series are primarily focused on archery elk hunting, but the principles can be applied to most any big game hunting. Digital scouting (e-scouting) has become [...]

How To Use The Equinox And Moon Phase To Time Your Archery Elk Hunt

2019-03-14T13:37:56-07:00By |

I love packing into the backcountry with my llamas to chase elk, but I also enjoy the year-round planning, scouting, and preparations that go into elk hunting. I’ve been chasing elk for over 25 years and, each year, the excitement and anticipation never seems to dull. Most of us [...]

Episode: 240 – How To E-Scout Like A Pro With Mark Livesay

2018-06-15T08:59:47-07:00By |

I absolutely love finding and scounting new places to hunt. If  you love geeking out on digital scouting as much as I do, then you will love this podcast I did with my friend Cody, host of The Rich Outdoors Podcast. Cody and I met this past year. It [...]

Using Pack Llamas & Training Clinic

2018-06-06T17:06:13-07:00By |

Wild Llama Ranch Using Pack Llamas Clinic and Training Missoula, Montana June 30, 2018 _______________________________ *The clinic is presented in partnership with Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas. Clinic Location | 6090 Wilderness Trail, Missoula, MT Date | Saturday, June 30, 2018 Time | The clinic begans at 10:00am on Saturday, with [...]

Dehydrating And Packaging Fruit For The Backcountry

2017-08-27T11:42:08-07:00By |

In this Treeline Pursuits video cast segment we discuss how to dehydrate and package fruit to take in the backcountry. We also dig into more detail on the mylar bag packaging I use for my dehydrated meals. This year I made the committment to go DIY with my meals [...]

How To Dehydrate Your Own Backcountry Meals

2017-08-20T11:08:50-07:00By |

In this Treeline Pursuits video cast segment we discuss how to dehydrate your own backcountry meals. We get into the details on how to prepare, dehydrate, store and ultimately cook your own dehydrated backcountry meals. I don't care to remember how many days I ate Mountain House on my [...]

Backcountry Hunting Hydration – A Comprehensive Review

2017-08-06T15:24:18-07:00By |

In this Treeline Pursuits video cast segment we cover backcountry hunting hydration in great detail. Hydration is a critcal aspect of hunting in the backcountry expecially on extended  adventures. It is far more complicated than just drinking more water. In this video we cover the importance and need for [...]

Pack Llamas Are The Ultimate Backcountry Hunting Weapon

2017-05-11T18:32:06-07:00By |

Why Would Hunters Consider Using Pack Llamas? When all of our hard work pays off and a little lady luck enters the picture, we hunters are faced with the arduous, yet rewarding task of packing out our meat.  That's one big reason. In this article, I will make the case [...]

Top 5 Online Hunting Resources for Western Big Game Hunters

2017-02-24T14:42:17-07:00By |

As hunters, we just can’t seem to get enough information.  Our passion for game changing enlightenment is many times indistinguishable from the intensity in which we pursue wild animals. We are driven to continually seek knowledge that will improve our hunting skills. For most of us, the precious time we [...]

A Binocular Pack Will Make You A Better Big Game Hunter

2017-02-02T15:04:08-07:00By |

I realize this is not the most glamorous topic, and the title is a pretty bold statement. I do believe that a quality binocular pack will make you a better big game hunter. In this Treeline Pursuits Video Cast, we tell you exactly how these packs can make you [...]