Welcome to the third video in the Mastering The Art Of Digital Scouting Series. In this video, we begin the Finding Elk Segment. We have so much information to present in our Finding Elk segment that it will be come a Series within the Series. In this first installment, I talk about the general concepts that I feel are vital to finding elk.

Topics Covered In This Video

  • Time of Year
  • Knowing Your Limitations
  • The Basic Needs Of Elk
  • Using The Zones Of Pressure
  • Elevation Factors
  • Evaluating Trail Usage
  • Problems With Boots On The Ground Scouting

The entire concept of digital scouting, particularly elk scouting, is amhot topic. In this series, we share all of the tools and techniques we use. In this Series, we try to demystify the process and dig in deep.

Additional Finding Elk Installments Coming Up!

  • Video 1 – Finding Elk Concepts
  • Video 2 – Evaluating Meadows, Canyons, Creeks & Drainages
  • Video 3 – Fire Zones, Logging Areas, Sparce Timber, and Beetle Kill Timber
  • Video 4 – Benches, Slopes, Saddles, and Funnels
  • Video 5 – Water Sources, and Wallows


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