This video segment one of a multi-part video series called Mastering The Art Of Digital Scouting. The techniques that we will cover during this series are primarily focused on archery elk hunting, but the principles can be applied to most any big game hunting.

Digital scouting (e-scouting) has become a very vital and integral part of our hunting strategy for western big game. It’s incredibly difficult to hike into an unknown area, pick a random spot, and expect to have consistent success hunting western big game.

We spend countless hours using digital scouting techniques to prepare for our hunts. In fact, we probably spend more time digital scouting than we do on the hunt itself.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction To Digital Scouting
  • State, Species, Take Method and Application Process
  • Facing Realities & Limitations
  • Establishing Your Base or Core Area
  • Laying Out The Groundwork
  • Determining The Zones Of Pressure

Upcoming Video Segments

  • Developing A Hunt Plan & Managing Data
  • The Art Of Finding Elk
  • Using The Tools Of The Trade

Today, there are many amazing technology tools at our disposal, and in this series, we will share all of the tips and techniques we use.

The tactics that we cover in this series is primarily focused on archery elk hunting, but the principles can be applied to most big game pursuits.


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